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Premium wood pellets and other wood products

White Flame Inc.’s Premium Wood Pellets are made to burn clean, have low ash, and generate high BTU output. What this offers you, the customer, is the ability to purchase a product that burns more efficiently. We have great confidence in our products.

To achieve a superior product, we use a cutting edge process, which includes blending various kinds of hardwoods and softwoods. Our raw material is closely monitored to ensure that no contaminants such as bark, dirt, or rocks, enter the system.

We never use any additives or adhesives to bind our pellets – they are 100% natural wood.

We package our product in a strong, polyurethane, 40 pound bag. Our bags are stacked fifty bags per pallet, then stretch wrapped for stability. (Each pallet contains one ton of product). Each individual bag contains a UPC code, which is placed on top of the bag making it easy for unit retail sales.

We believe that our formula for success, simply put, is to start with clean wood, use a stringent, state-of-the-art manufacturing process, and provide our customers with the quality they have come to expect.

Customer service is equally important to us for our success. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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White Flame is committed to excellence, and this includes providing convenient web services for our clients. In the near future we will have exciting new online services available, so check back often!

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