About Us

Our History

White Flame Inc.

is a family run business. We started our company in 1995 by purchasing a small wood pellet plant in Orem, Utah. We continued to purchase equipment over the next
few years and as we did so, our business grew to the point that we decided a new facility was necessary to continue giving our customers the quality and service they had come to expect.
So in September 2009, we started manufacturing pellets in our state of the art facility in Lindon, Utah.

Over the past 20 years of making pellets, we have developed a technique of blending woods to make a superior product. While most pellet manufacturers are limited to a single source of
wood, we are able to precisely blend different wood species to achieve maximum BTU for our fuel customers and a specific blend for maximum absorbency for our animal bedding customers.
We pride ourselves on our customized pellets and can change and adjust our product to ensure your satisfaction. As always, our goal is to provide a pellet that not only meets our customers needs, but exceeds their expectations.

Our product

White Flame Inc.’s Premium Wood Pellets are made to burn clean, have low ash and generate a high BTU output. What this offers our customers is a product that burns more
efficiently. We have great confidence in our products. To achieve a superior product, we use a very dedicated process, which includes blending various kinds of hardwoods and softwoods. Our raw material is closely monitored to ensure that no contaminants such as bark, dirt, or rocks, enter the system. We never use any additives or adhesives to bind our pellets – they are 100% natural wood. This ensures that they not only burn hot, they burn clean.

We look forward to serving you and providing you with our high-quality pellets and wood bedding needs.