Q: What makes a good wood pellet for pellet stoves?

A: A good pellet stove pellet will be all wood, no bark, no paper, and no cardboard products added. This is a very important issue when choosing pellets. Pellets made of only wood produce the greatest amount of heat and the least amount of ash. This also keeps your pellet stove clean. A clean, well-running pellet stove will produce the most heat, most efficiently.10000

Q: What are the ratings of your wood pellets?

A: Here are our test results.


Q: How can you tell quality pellets from not good quality pellets?

A: Smell it! Wood pellets that are made of pure wood, smell of fresh wood. It is a clean pleasant smell. If you strange odors or chemicals, it is certain that they contain glues and by-products. 

Many retailers sell pellets that are full of cardboard and other recycled papers. Even though these will burn in your pellet stove, they contain glues, inks, dies and other things that can inhibit your pellet stove's ability to function properly. They also cause build up and heavy ash which causes you to have to do additional maintenance to your stove. 



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